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"Every something is an echo of nothing" 

-John Cage-

With this new series, I explore my understanding of what a painting should be and what it should do. What should it represent and why? These questions are central to my work.

Here, I reduce any form of knowledge that has governed my work in the past to its most primal form.
Direct, imbued with past experiences while admiring the colors of my current reality.

Simple and at times crude, mysterious and yet easily accessible thanks to its beauty.
In these paintings, there is no intention to dissect nature or even to represent it. It is rather a serious approach to exercise and explore the manifestation of nature through the hands of the artist as a central factor in the creative process.

In these paintings truth is found as the result of renouncing the intellect.

These pieces are the unknown rendering itself, and its timeless qualities, into colors and forms.

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